Subscriber Benefits

Learning is a continuing journey. Our cloud-based learning system provides many ways to grow and retain your knowledge.

Avant Resources community members receive personalized alerts and updates whenever we add new information to their subjects of interest. Our cloud-based education solution is free and it provides a convenient way to organize and retrieve your learning materials wheneven you like. New and updated information is added to your cloud and the cloud lets you know to check when it's convenient for you.

  • Secure location to store your learning materials including recordings, handouts, video trainings, assessments and certificates
  • Easy-to-manage email alerts tell you when a new document has been added to your cloud
  • Free and paid learning products remain accessible for as long as you like. No fees are required.
  • Premium subscriptions include video-based courses for yourself or your entire organization
  • Customized training is available at your location or on the web



Receive a free resource each month from a recent training.
This month: Workplace Violence Preparedness Policy