Save A Coworker's Life By Learning This

Save A Coworker's Life By Learning This

Training employees to perform immediate bleeding control on victims of an active shooting incident in the workplace can save many more lives than waiting for paramedics and emergency personnel to arrive.

According to Ex-FBI Special Agent Rob Haley, Emergency Management Services personnel do not tend to the wounded. They are trained to neutralize the shooter or isolate them in a certain section of the building.

It takes about 7-15 minutes for EMS first responders to arrive and enter the location of an active shooter incident. Bleeding control commonly referred to as B-CON, is the single most important thing coworkers can do for each other to help victims until help arrives.

Hemorrhage is the leading cause of preventable trauma death. As many as 1 in 5 trauma deaths are preventable through the use of bleeding control techniques.

Haley recommends companies incorporate, as part of a larger emergency preparedness plan, the following tips:

  • Have throw kits and wall-mounted kits easily accessible in the workplace – defibrillators and B-CON equipment
  • Train employees to competently use these kits in an emergency situation
  • Train employees to recognize signs of stress
  • Train employees to resolve conflict
  • CPR training
  • Regular first aid preparation


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