Free Access to Active Shooter Preparedness Training

Free Access to Active Shooter Preparedness Training

"He always had guns on him... Everyone predicted it." -- Unnamed student, live local TV interview after Parkland, Fla. high school shooting.

The Valentines Day tragedy that left 17 dead is the 30th mass shooting event in the U.S. since January 1 (Source: Workplaces, schools, churches -- any place where people gather -- can be at risk.

Fear is the biggest risk of all. Training and awareness cannot stop active shooters but they can bring some peace of mind and save lives. That's why we are opening our Active Shooter preparedness training for free access. 

Active Shooter: Surviving an Attack

This 18-minute training video is available for your free trial review for two weeks. It focuses on how to survive a shooting incident following the precepts of Run, Hide, Fight. For assistance with your free review, please call. 

Avant Resources has long provided active shooter preparedness training for workplaces and institutions. Sadly, the need for this training continues to grow.

Led by former FBI terrorism investigator and corporate security expert Rob Haley, our training team has helped thousands learn about preparing for and surviving armed attack at work, church or school. Active Shooter Preparedness is a 90-minute live webinar course, also available as a recording, that includes a sample emergency plan, workplace violence policy and insight into the types of people who turn violent. As with the Florida high school attack, mass casualty shooters are often disgruntled, grudge-bearing, violent, known to have access to guns and to exhibit signs of mental instability.

Being aware of these signs can help. Employees, co-workers, fellow students, even social media acquaintances can be encouraged to report concerns to authorities. It can increase vigilance and possibly save lives.

To learn more, please contact Avant Resources. Our team is available for live onsite training, video instruction, or can come to you to present customer training or consultation.

Active Shooter Preparedness  




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