Heroic Customer Disarms Active Shooter Featured

Heroic Customer Disarms Active Shooter

"Run, Hide, Fight" lies at the core of of Active Shooter Preparedness training. The "fight" tactic saved lives at a Nashville-area Waffle House.

James Shaw,  Jr. was hailed as a hero. He was a Waffle House patron when a gunman opened fire outside the restaurant, killing two people, then entering the store firing more shots where two more people lost their lives and others were wounded. When the shooter paused to reload, Shaw shoved the door into the gunman and wrestled the gun away. The gunman fled on foot, leaving behind a jacket containing additional magazines for the semi-automatic weapon.

Fighting back is the last resort when unarmed bystanders are threatened by an armed assailant, former FBI special agent Rob Haley says. HIs employer-oriented active shooter defense training is based on the Run, Hide, Fight methodology. Proper training can help people maintain their composure and act to preserve themselves in the event of armed attack. His 90-minute training will be presented in May 24 and is available by webinar.

As in other recent mass casualty attacks, the Nashville shooting involved a mentally unstable man who was already known to authorities. His weapons had been confiscsated after he trespassed at the White House in July 2017 demanding to meet with the president. Investigation by the Secret Service and FBI and local authorities led to the confiscation of weapons but the assailant moved to Nashville from his home in Illinois. The confiscated firearms were turned over to the man's father who admitted returning them to him.

In addition to Run, Hide, Fight, Haley's traning focuses on the importance of red flags that signal a possible threat from a disgruntled or unstable person. It remains unknown what if any grudge the Waffle House shooter had against the restaurant or its patrons, but often in workplace or school shootings the offender is acting on perceived mistreatment and threats of revenge.

Being aware of these signs and sharing them with management or appropriate authorities can help. Employees, co-workers, fellow students, even social media acquaintances can be encouraged to report concerns, particularly when the subject is known to possess firearms. It can increase vigilance and possibly save lives.

To learn more, please contact Avant Resources. Our team is available for live onsite training, video instruction, or can come to you to present customer training or consultation.

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