Aurora Shooter Was Ex-Employee Featured

Aurora Shooter Was Ex-Employee

The killing of four workers at an Aurora, IL plant was carried about by a terminated ex-employee who then took his own life.

The tragedy prompted calls for improved workplace safety plans and policies for terminating problem employees to minimize the risk of retaliation.

Companies should maintain an active shooter plan, create a zero-tolerance policy for workplace violence and follow safe practices for terminating an employee, one expert suggested.

Capt. Ted Sampson, with the Fusion Center, a partnership of law enforcement and public health agencies in the Cincinnati area, underscored the importance of progressive discipline in which employees are warned they are at risk of termination, and given the opportunity to improve their performance, before they are fired.

"You leave the employee out there and they have no idea what they're going to do next, and then they become angered or their emotions run high,"  Sampson told WXLW, a local news station.





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