We Apologize for Active Shooter Preparedness Marketing

We Apologize for Active Shooter Preparedness Marketing

It's an unfortunate fact that Active Shooter Preparedness remains one of our most in-demand training events. Our next class was already on the schedule when the mind-boggling Las Vegas massacre occurred. It was poor judgment to market the event while news of this unimaginable tragedy was still fresh.

We apologize. It was insensitive to market the class so soon after the tragedy occurred. We also regret the language in the marketing email expressing the opinion that the Las Vegas shootings were "NOT terrorism." In hindsight, that sounds like a political statement, or at best a rush to judgment. In truth, it's a general observation by the FBI and others that most mass shootings do not involve political terrorists, but they often do involve unbalanced or disaffected individuals who were known by family or co-workers to be acting suspiciously.

For those offended, we apologize. For those who choose to participate in our learning event about Active Shooter Preparedness, rest assured we will treat this awful topic with all due seriousness while providing expert guidance on the facts about workplace attacks.  Being aware of what to do if shots ring out is a key step to safety.

Shaun Carrigan
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