Maryland Shooter Had History of Workplace Violence

Maryland Shooter Had History of Workplace Violence

A Maryland granite worker who opened fire at his ex-employer's place of business had a history of workplace violence and a long criminal record, according to published reports.

The Baltimore Sun reported that Radee L. Wilson, 37, now in custody on suspicion of three murders and the wounding of three others, had punched a co-worker in the face last February, then returned three times to threaten others, even after he was fired for the attack. He also had a record of 42 arrests and 15 felony convictions, the newspaper said. He had been employed by a granite and marble countertop manufacturer.

Disgruntled employees or ex-employees with known violent tendencies are often involved in deadly attacks at places of work, security consultant and veteran FBI agent Rob Haley said.

Fatal attacks in recent months have involved disgruntled ex-workers in San Francicso, New York and Florida, among other places. Domestic problems between a worker and a violent estranged spouse or romantic partner are also precursors of workplace violence.

Although no attacks are alike, Haley said such warning signs should not be ignored by employers. 

In his Active Shooter Preparedness training for Avant Resources, Haley teaches how to prepare and prevent an armed attack at your workplace.

Among his suggestions:

  • Use an Employee Assistance Program or confidential hotline where employees can report concerns about behavior that is worrying them.
  • Work with local law enforcement and provide them with a diagram of your facility so they know how to enter and secure the building if a crisis occurs.
  • Create an Emergency Response Plan that includes specific instructions for what to do if an armed assailant comes to your workplace.

Haley provides insight into what happens during these attacks and how to design an OSHA-compliant emergency plan during his 90 minute presentation, which includes a sample plan another written materials as well a live presentation with questions and answers.

Active Shooter Preparedness Plan 


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