Excel Dashboards 101

  • $219.00
  • Dec 04, 2019
  • 01:00 PM EST
  • 90 minutes

No matter what business you are in, a dashboard is a critical tool in your communication armory and as with any communication tool, presentation is everything. Although there are many tools that can be used to create a dashboard, Excel is commonly used due to its power, flexibility and the fact that most people have it installed on their computer.

This training focuses on what you need to know to create an interactive professional-looking dashboard using Excel. You'll learn how to make the dashboard maintenance-free when new data becomes available and create the pivot tables needed to drive this dashboard. You will also learn how to create great looking visuals to assist top management in decision making. Join this 90-minute training to discover how you can add interactivity using slicers, automate elements of the dashboard with a macro and protect the cells containing critical formulas.

Key Objectives

  1. Understanding dashboards by using Excel to gather and summarize the right data
  2. Reviewing how to maintain self-updating links to databases, spreadsheets, text files, and other data sources
  3. How to create dynamic and interactive graphs

Topics Include

  • Best practice for setting up data sources
  • Using Pivot Tables to summarize data
  • Visual communication using charts
  • Creating a rolling 30-day summary
  • Using formulas to create KPI summaries
  • Creating interactive filters with Slicers
  • Automating the dashboard with a simple macro
  • Using protection to prevent accidental changes

You Will Receive

  • Downloadable sample workbooks and templates you can review before the training

Your Avant Expert

Mike Thomas has over 25 years experience designing and delivering face-to-face and virtual training courses. He has authored nearly 200 written and video-based Excel tutorials. He also develops Microsoft Office solutions to automate key business tasks and processes.

Excel Dashboards 101

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Recording - $219.00


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