Active Shooter Preparedness Plan

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  • Nov 07, 2019
  • 02:00 PM EST
  • 90 minutes

Active shooters continue to strike American workplaces on a daily basis. While every attack is different, there are commonalities -- including confusion.

In recent incidents a "good guy with a gun" at an Alabama mall was killed mistakenly while the shooter got away, a police officer was killed in a Chicago emergency room in pursuit of a suspect and police rushed to the scene of another Chicago business for what turned out to be a well-intentioned but poorly communicated active shooter drill. 

A well-organized and well-communicated emergency plan with simple survival training can save lives in the minutes a typical attack lasts from start to finish. 

This fast-paced 90-minute online training for HR, training and security leaders provides real-life stories, pertinent facts and steps you can take to prepare for and respond to an armed assailant. In addition to a compelling narrative from former FBI agent Rob Haley, your company will secure the guidance and information tools to update or implement your legally compliant Emergency Action Plan (EAP) along with specific Active Shooter Preparedness Guidelines.

Bring safety and peace of mind to your workplace. Your employees will thank you for it.

  • Characteristics of "typical" active shooter incidents — (there is almost never an emergency plan in place)
  • "Predict, prevent, respond" — warning signs of dangerous individuals and what to do about them
  • "Run, hide or fight" — the choices we must make and how to make them in crisis
  • Simple steps to implement effective workplace violence and active shooter preparedness plans
  • Workplace violence red flags and how to address them before an escalation
  • Written policies to keep your building prepared for ingress, egress and general safety in case of emergency

Bonus Benefits

  • Workplace Violence Preparedness and Response Plan Template
  • Active Shooter Evacuation Plan Template for your Employee Handbook
  • Official FBI handbook on “Workplace Violence: Issues in Response”
  • Infographics and pamphlets you can share with co-workers
  • Interactive breakout opportunities to address your personal concerns on workplace violence, active shooter preparedness, and OSHA requirements

Your Expert Instructor

Robert E. Haley, III, is president Veritas Security Solutions, LLC. Previously he served as Chief Security Officer of ESS and FortreESS Group after retiring from the FBI in 2015. His FBI service included the Violent Crimes/Fugitive Unit (VC/FU) at FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C. After 9/11, he volunteered for re-assignment to the FBI's Usama Bin Laden Unit (UBLU). He was later selected to supervise the Orlando, Florida, Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF).


Active Shooter Preparedness Plan

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